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Barna Ray Roquemore, Sr
Director/Grand Lecturer

It is vital to the future of the New Mexico Prince Hall Grand Lodge, Free and Accepted Masons that each member maintain proficiency and carry forward the time honored traditions of this fraternity. The life of this Grand Lodge can only transcend history if we are proficient in our lodge meetings and other Masonic functions.

As such. The Masonic Educational and Training Committee, under the direction of the Grand Master, has formulated an informal training program to ensure proficiency in certain Masonic functions. This program is designed in three sections to incorporate full use of the different levels of Masonic expertise:

Level 1: (Lodge Training) The Worshipful Master is responsible for all training relative to our Masonic Ritual, etc ( Charges, Opening and Closing Ceremonies).

Level 2: (District Training) The District Grand Lecturer is responsible for all training relative to the Official Masonic Monitor, etc (Burial Ceremony, Lodge of Sorrow and the Cremation Ceremony).

Level 3: (Grand Lodge Training) The Director of Training/Grand Lecturer is responsible for all training relative to administrative procedures and other issues directed as by the Grand Master. (Examples: Protocol, Grand Lodge Constitution and Parliamentary Procedures, etc). Level 3 Training also includes training by the Grand Secretary and Grand Treasurer relative to a computerized "Step-by-Step" format to keep in good standing with the Grand Lodge administratively.

To insure that all Worshipful Masters, District Grand Lecturers and the Director/Grand Lecturer are providing training at the same level, the Director/Grand Lecturer, with approval of the Grand Master, will call a state -wide up-date training session at Prince Hall Square as necessary.

Schedule for Training:

Worshipful Masters should provide Level 1 Training at some point in time during his regular scheduled lodge meeting. A special meeting can be called by the Master when deemed necessary per by-laws of the constitution.

District Grand Lecturers will provide Level 2 Training in conjunction with a district-wide meeting called by the District Deputy Grand Master, or provide this level of training as requested by the Worshipful Master or directed by the Grand Master.

The Grand Lodge will provide Level 3 Training at each of the Grand Lodge District Meetings called by the Grand Master, or as directed by the Grand Master.

Constitution & By-Laws of the MW Prince Hall Grand Lodge, F&AM
Worshipful Master's Assistance
Monitor of the MW Prince Hall Grand Lodge, F&AM
Mackey's Masonic Jurisprudence
Roberts Rules of Order (Revised)
Approved Ritual of this Grand Lodge
The old Masonic Charges 
The twenty-four Landmarks approved by this Grand Lodge