September 2017:

4 – 10 All Lodges                  Prince Hall Americanism Day
23  Grand East                     Grand Lodge/Grand Chapter Joint Board Meeting, 9:30AM.
                                               Grand Lodge First Quarter Board Meeting, 10AM.
                                               Grand Lodge Anniversary Luncheon, 12Noon.
                                               Desert of NM, AEAONMS, Desert Conference, 2PM.

October 2017:

18 Marriott Pyramid            115th Annual Session Grand Chapter of NM, OES
21 Marriott Pyramid            AF&AM Grand Chapter Open Installation of Officers

26 Albuquerque                   Grand Master's Birthday

November 2017:

11 Alamogordo, NM            Siwah Potentate Ball

December 2017:

2 Grand East Bldg                  PH Masonic Advisory Staff Mtg. 9 AM
3-6 Jackson, MS                      Mississippi Grand Session
12-17 Wash, DC                     District of Columbia Grand Session

January 2018:

12-15 All Lodges                    Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Birthday Observation
13 Los Lunas, NM                  Dr. King Celebration,
20 Grand East Bldg                Grand Lodge Masonic Calendar Planning Meeting 10 AM

February 2018:

17 Clovis                                 District 4 Visitation 9:30 AM
                                                OES Star Point Ball   
22-25 Pine Bluff                     Arkansas Grand Session

March 2018:

5-11  DC/VA                          The Phylaxis Society Annual Session
15-17 Farmington                Grand Lodge of NM (AF&AM)
22 – 25 Albuquerque           Four Corners Conference 

April 2018:

28 Rio Rancho                      District 1 Visitation 9:30 AM
                                               Grand Chapter Workshop
                                               Grand Chapter Recognition Banquet 7 PM

May 2018:

1 All Lodges                           Armed Forced Day Breakfast’s
4-6 Phoenix, AZ                     MWPHGL of Arizona Grand Lodge Session
15-20 DC/VA                          Conference of MWGM’s/GWM’s/GPs

June 2018:

May 31 Jun 3, Las Vegas       MWPHGL of Nevada Grand Lodge Session
13 (All Lodges)                       St John the Baptist Day Observation
22 (Fri) Elegante’ Hotel          Zia Grand Chapter, Holy Royal Arch Masons
23 (Sat) Elegante’ Hotel         NM Commanders of The Rite Breakfast
                                                 NM Council of Deliberation
                                                 Prince Hall Family Scholarship Annual Meeting
                                                 Grand Chapter Special Activity Night
24 (Sun) Elegante’ Hotel        Casa Del Sol Grand Commandery (KT) Grand Conclave
                                                 Grand Lodge/Grand Chapter Memorial Services 3 PM
                                                 Grand Worthy Matron’s Banquet 7 PM
25 (Mon) Elegante’ Hotel       Grand Lodge & Grand Chapter Official Openings
                                                 M.W. Prince Hall Grand Lodge Banquet 7 PM
26 (Tue) Elegante’ Hotel        Closing of Grand Lodge/& Grand Chapter 

Upcoming Events:

April TBA                                               Mt. Everest Lodge Ball      
Jul 21, 2018, Albuquerque                  Luxor Potentate Ball
Jul 10-12, 2018, St. Louis, MO.           MWPHGL of MO Grand Session
Jul 16-19, 2018, LA, CA                        MWPHGL of CA Grand Session
Jul 27-28, 2018, Las Vegas, NV           Western Chain Shriners Coalition Meeting
Aug 12-14, 2018, Denver, CO             MWPHGL of CO, WY & UT Grand Session
Aug 20-24, 2018, New Orleans, LA     AEAONMS Imperial Council Session



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